Sofia A. Carvalho
poems, voice and illustrations

João Castro Pinto
electroacoustic composition
(electronics, field recordings,
computer processing /
mixing_mastering )
and illustrations


livraffiche-audio en sérigraphie
8 pages recto | 2 couleurs
14 cm x 14 cm
1 affiche verso | 2 couleurs
28 cm x 56 cm

CD 1 track | 17’06 min

7 € (épuisé)

impression: les bras manuels
© Grimaces éditions • 2019







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Hiante, literally meaning ‘grand opening’, ‘crack’, or figuratively ‘open mouth’, ‘starveling’, is built through nine poetic movements, whose liturgical and lugubrious atmosphere seeks to restore to the word the gravity of the verb, transfiguring each poem into a living organism: each syllable is taken as a complex organ that sometimes dissolves or crystallizes, a kind of passage that expands and a crack that contracts.
This electroacoustic poetry piece is the result of a detailed sonic exploration of the voice’s timbre and of the semantic power veiled beyond the words that configure the form of the poems.
Hiante intends to guide the listener through a musical maze where he can, eventually, experience an inner journey that offers hints about the meaning of the musically depicted poetry. The poems are interspersed with variable duration vocal utterances of words and phrases, creatively mixed with field recordings and electronics, turning the primary meaning of the poet’s words into new levels of signification and, therefore, creating new impromptu ambiences filled with euphonious and whimsical listening experiences.
This artistic object unites word and music, and these with authorial drawings. The illustrations (charcoal, pencil and pen) are not intended to describe the poems, but rather appear as imagetic notes that amplify the atmospheres created by the symbiosis of two expressive universes.
Hiante is, simultaneously, the first released short poetry book of Sofia A. Carvalho and the result of the ongoing collaboration between her and the composer, performer and researcher João Castro Pinto.

Special thanks to Pierre Dunand Filliol, Paille, Pierre Veyser, Ambroise Barras, Celeste Maria Nogueira Ferreira da Silva Carvalho, José Norberto da Silva Carvalho, Rogério António Pinto, Maria João Maia de Sampaio e Castro Pinto, Pedro Vistas, Joana Serrão, Pedro Romano, Paulo Urbano Carvalho, Christian Tutt, João Monteverde, Cristina Sanches, Helena Carvalho, Ana Choi, Carla Datia, Maria José Queirós Lopes.